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Business Protection
and Executive Benefits


What happens if you lose a partner or shareholder? Are you okay with going into business with a lost partner’s immediate family? Without a funded buy/sell agreement you could lose your business to conflicting interests from your business partner’s family. Let CCFS show you how to get this risk addressed.

Executive Bonus

Do you have certain executives that are critical to your company’s success? Providing a custom bonus package will allow you to retain their talents and reflect their contribution to the business. Let CCFS show you how a customized bonus plan can be structured to provide a unique benefit to a selected individual or group of individuals.

Key Person Loss Risk Mitigation

Can your business withstand the sudden loss of a key executive? Are some contracts contingent on the services of specific individuals? The monetary loss of income and finding a qualified replacement can be devastating to the remaining group. Let CCFS show you how to create a plan to help your business withstand this type of loss.

Loan Disability Mitigation

Cover the debt service of a business loan should you become disabled. This may be a requirement of any purchase plan or loan documentation. Let CCFS show you how to mitigate the debt service you have outstanding should you be unable to work and grow your business.